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Mystery of the Vanishing Woman with Blue Blood

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The Mystery of the Vanishing Woman with Blue Blood

A Comprehensive Review of Historical Encounters," initially published in the MUFON UFO Journal's May, June, and July 2007 issues, introduces us to a fascinating account by renowned French Ufologist Jean Sider, titled "The Woman with Blue Blood."

The narrative unfolds in September 1932, when a young woman, later identified as "Smith" of English origin, encountered a car accident near a quaint village close to Amiens in France. Her car collided with a tree, resulting in severe head injuries. Two good Samaritans happened upon the accident and transported the unconscious woman to a private hospital.

Dr. Victor Pauchet, the hospital's director, took charge of her treatment. In a startling discovery, he found that her blood was not the typical human blood type but exhibited a peculiar bluish hue. A saline transfusion was administered, and the still unconscious woman was placed in a secure room with barred windows, under the vigilant watch of a nurse.

The mystery deepens with the inexplicable disappearance of the woman. Despite the room being locked from the inside and under constant surveillance, the night nurse, who mysteriously couldn't stay awake, found the patient missing. The bed was neatly arranged, and there was no sign of escape. The French police were immediately alerted, only to discover that the crashed car had also vanished without a trace.

This baffling incident of the disappearing woman with blue blood left Dr. Pauchet profoundly disturbed, as it defied all logical explanations.