July 13, 2024
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[Sticky] Marine Michael Herrera Claims He Saw UFO Being Loaded With Weapons By US Forces

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Former Marine Michael Herrera after maintaining his silence for 14 years, Herrera decided to share his extraordinary experience, shedding light on an incident that occurred during a humanitarian mission in Indonesia in 2009.

At the time, Herrera was a 20-year-old rifleman, part of a unit dispatched to provide aid in the aftermath of the devastating Sumatra earthquake and tsunami. However, his mission took an unexpected turn when his unit came across a peculiar sight outside the city of Padang.

While guarding an airdrop of aid supplies in October 2009, Herrera and his five comrades stumbled upon a hovering octagonal craft. The craft, unlike any they had seen before, was not just hovering but was also apparently being loaded with weapons. This sighting was not just out of place but also raised questions about its purpose and origin.

The craft, as described by Herrera, was octagonal in shape. This detail is significant as it deviates from the typical disc-shaped UFOs often reported in sightings. The fact that it was hovering in the air, seemingly defying gravity, added to the mystery. Furthermore, the sight of the craft being loaded with weapons suggested a level of human interaction and possibly control.

After the final pair of trucks had completed their unloading process and departed, the lower segment of the platform ascended about 10 feet off the ground. Simultaneously, the craft descended to align with it, merging into a single entity.

The craft was adorned with corner lights that oscillated between hues of blue, red, yellow, and green.

It elevated above the ground, slightly surpassing the tree line, then darted towards the left in the direction of the ocean at an approximate speed of 4,000mph.

The unfolding spectacle was met with utter disbelief. The craft, despite its rapid acceleration from a stationary position, didn't produce a sonic boom or disturb the surrounding foliage as one would expect from rotor wash. Coconuts were observed hanging undisturbed on the trees, a testament to the silent and smooth departure of the craft.

The encounter took a more ominous turn when Herrera and his unit were threatened at gunpoint by unmarked US forces present at the scene. This confrontation added a layer of danger and secrecy to the already bewildering event. The incident, which remained a closely guarded secret for over a decade, left a lasting impression on Herrera.

Herrera's account comes in the wake of similar testimonies from military and intelligence officials. These testimonies claim that the US has not only recovered 'non-human' spacecraft but is also reverse-engineering them. These claims have sparked debates among UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike, fueling speculation about the extent of human knowledge and interaction with these unexplained phenomena.