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The Indrid Cold Story: Woodrow Derenberger's Alien Encounter

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A resident of West Virginia, Woodrow Derenberger, became a key figure in the annals of alleged extraterrestrial encounters. His narrative, known widely as the Indrid Cold story, revolved around a series of unusual events that started on a cold, rainy evening in November 1966. This account has garnered substantial attention and speculation, prompting a deeper exploration of Derenberger's experiences and the subsequent impact on his life.

While returning home from a sales trip to Athens, Ohio, Derenberger noticed a peculiar vehicle rapidly approaching him on Interstate 77 near the intersection of route 47. Unlike any vehicle he had previously encountered, this strange craft, devoid of wheels, levitated above the road. Shaped like a flared cylinder with a prominent bulge in the middle, it maneuvered itself into Derenberger's lane, forcing him to stop.

From this levitating vehicle, a man, later identified as Indrid Cold, disembarked, while the craft ascended about 40 feet above the highway. Derenberger described Cold as a man around six feet tall, sporting dark brown hair and an ever-present smile. He wore a dark overcoat, a somewhat shiny dark blue suit, and radiated a healthy suntan. Notably, despite the surreal nature of the encounter, Cold's appearance was strikingly ordinary.

As Cold approached Derenberger's vehicle, the first communication ensued. It was anything but ordinary; Cold engaged Derenberger using telepathy, never moving his smiling lips. The conversation comprised a series of simple questions, a strangley casual interaction. However, before leaving, Indrid Cold left Derenberger with a cryptic message—they would meet again.

True to his word, Indrid Cold reappeared, this time reaching out to Derenberger telepathically during one of his truck rides. This marked the commencement of a series of visits, often with Cold showing up at Derenberger's residence, sometimes in a white VW Beetle. Cold introduced Derenberger to his home planet, Lanulos, located in the galaxy Gyamedes. He even offered Derenberger rides in his spaceship, which Derenberger eventually accepted.

Dereneberger's description of life on Lanulos paints a vivid picture of an extraterrestrial nudist society. He claimed to have met various alien acquaintances, including Demo Hassan, Karl Ardo (second in command of Cold's spaceship), and crew members Tonni and Daryl. Interestingly, he also met a couple from Venus and a group of shoe-stealing, feathered aliens who used pink spaceships.

Woodrow Derenberger's extraordinary claims, known as the Indrid Cold story, were met with a mix of intrigue, skepticism, and ridicule. He was featured on TV, radio, and in newspapers across the country, even receiving a prank call validating his claims during a radio show appearance. However, the public scrutiny eventually took its toll, leading to his wife's departure and a fading moment of fame.

Despite the mounting skepticism, Derenberger published a book in the early 1970s titled "Visitors From Lanulos," detailing his alleged adventures. His narrative continues to intrigue, even though it led to substantial personal loss. Derenberger, who never retracted his story, passed away in 1990, leaving behind a narrative that continues to provoke curiosity and debate.

The Indrid Cold story, a narrative centered around Woodrow Derenberger's encounters with the alleged extraterrestrial Indrid Cold, is a fascinating tale that has fueled public imagination and debate for decades. Its lasting impact, although controversial, highlights the enduring human interest in exploring the boundaries of our known universe.