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Illuminati the Hidden Agenda: A Deep Dive into the Plans for a New World Order

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The Illuminati, a name that elicits intrigue and curiosity, has been a subject of mystery, speculation, and conspiracy theories for centuries. Understanding the history of this elusive group requires delving into the realms of Enlightenment philosophy, secret societies, and controversial movements.

The Order of the Illuminati was officially established on May 1, 1776, in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, now part of modern-day Germany. Its founder was Adam Weishaupt, a professor of law at the University of Ingolstadt, who sought to create an organization that would advocate for Enlightenment ideals such as reason, secularism, and liberty—principles often stifled by the political and religious structures of the time.

The term 'Illuminati', derived from the Latin 'illuminatus', meaning 'enlightened', perfectly encapsulated Weishaupt's vision of a society that promoted intellectual exchange, free from the shackles of religious and political prejudice.

Weishaupt structured the Illuminati along the lines of Freemasonry, borrowing heavily from its rituals, symbols, and hierarchical organization. The Illuminati's ranks consisted of Novices, Minervals, and Illuminated Minervals. They encouraged intellectual exploration, discussion, and the dissemination of ideas promoting equality, religious freedom, and rational thought.

In the beginning, the Illuminati's membership was small, but it soon began to attract a diverse mix of intellectuals, politicians, nobles, and freethinkers who shared Weishaupt's vision. By the mid-1780s, the Order had infiltrated Masonic lodges across Europe and expanded its influence.

However, the rapid rise of the Illuminati wasn't met without opposition. In 1784, the Elector of Bavaria, Charles Theodore, issued an edict against secret societies, including the Illuminati and Freemasons. Subsequent edicts further restricted these groups, causing the official dissolution of the Illuminati by 1785.

Yet, the dissolution of the Illuminati was not the end of its story. The Order has persisted in popular imagination, spawning numerous conspiracy theories that attribute world events, ranging from wars to revolutions and political shifts, to the hidden hand of the Illuminati. These theories propose that the Illuminati still operates undercover, orchestrating a global conspiracy to establish a New World Order.

The Main Goals Of The Illuminati:

  1. The Illuminati's hidden agenda aspires to form a Global Government or New World Order, underpinned by a harmonized religious and monetary system under its influence. Recognizing mankind's inherent need for faith during the 1920s and 30s, the Illuminati began to construct its own religious institution to steer this natural inclination in a direction beneficial to their motives.
  2. A pivotal element of the Illuminati's concealed plan is to eradicate national identity and pride, a prerequisite for the successful establishment of a unified global governance structure.

  3. An integral part of the Illuminati's hidden agenda involves the calculated demolition of all religions, with a particular focus on Christianity, with the sole exception being their personally manufactured faith mentioned previously.

  4. This concealed strategy includes comprehensive control over every individual through mind manipulation and a technologically advanced concept dubbed technotronics by Zbignew Brzezinski. This system is designed to produce obedient human-like robots and a reign of terror surpassing historical atrocities like Felix Dzerzinhski's Red Terror.

  5. The Illuminati's secret plan involves the elimination of industrialization and nuclear power in an envisaged "post-industrial zero-growth society". The technology and service sectors are exceptions. Any surviving American industries will be relocated to countries with cheap labor resources such as Mexico. The fallout of unemployment in the US could result in drug dependency or even elimination under the Global 2000 "excess population" reduction initiative.

  6. The hidden agenda also includes the endorsement, eventual legalization of drug use, and the normalization of pornography as a mainstream "art form".

  7. A major aspect of this concealed strategy involves population reduction in urban centers, reminiscent of the Pol Pot regime's approach in Cambodia. Interestingly, the blueprint for Pol Pot's genocidal plans was crafted in the US by the Club of Rome, a research foundation, and supervised by a high-ranking State Department official, Thomas Enders.

  8. The Illuminati's hidden agenda seeks to halt all scientific advancements unless approved by them, with a specific target being peaceful nuclear energy applications. Fusion experiments, a potential source of infinite natural resources, are especially condemned and ridiculed.

  9. An element of the Illuminati's clandestine plan involves causing the death of three billion people, termed as "useless eaters", by 2050 through limited warfare in developed nations and famine and diseases in less developed ones. The "Global 2000 Report", which outlines this plan, was commissioned by the Illuminati's Committee of 300 and approved by the US government.

  10. A significant part of this secret plan involves the weakening of nations' moral fabric and demoralizing the working class through mass unemployment. As jobs become scarce due to the post-industrial zero-growth policy introduced by the Club of Rome, workers may resort to substance abuse.

  11. The Illuminati's hidden agenda aims to prevent individuals from deciding their own destinies by causing and managing frequent crises, resulting in widespread confusion and indifference.

  12. An important strategy includes the promotion of new cults and bolstering existing ones, which encompasses rock music groups like the Rolling Stones and other bands created by the Tavistock Institute, beginning with the Beatles.

  13. The concealed strategy supports the growth of Christian Fundamentalism, initiated by the British East India Company's agent Darby, in order to fortify the state of Israel by appealing to the "God's chosen people" narrative and contributing significant funds under the pretense of promoting Christianity.

  14. The hidden agenda includes the spread of religious sects like the Moslem Brotherhood, Moslem Fundamentalism, and the Sikhs, alongside the execution of mind-control experiments in the vein of Jim Jones and the "Son of Sam".

  15. The Illuminati's secret plan includes the dissemination of "religious liberation" ideas worldwide to destabilize all established religions, particularly Christianity. This initiative was launched with the "Jesuit Liberation Theology" which has ignited unrest in several Central American countries.

  16. This concealed strategy involves triggering a total collapse of the world's economies, resulting in comprehensive political chaos.

  17. A key aspect of this hidden agenda is to assume control of both foreign and domestic policies of the US.

  18. The Illuminati's secret plan entails full endorsement of international organizations such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements, and the World Court, while local institutions are made less effective or absorbed into the UN.

  19. This concealed strategy involves infiltration and subversion of all governments from within to dismantle the sovereignty of the nations they represent.

  20. The Illuminati's hidden agenda also includes the organization of a global terrorist network and engagement in negotiations with terrorists when necessary, following precedents set by Bettino Craxi during the Red Brigades kidnappings.

  21. Lastly, the Illuminati's hidden agenda aims to seize control of American education with the intention of completely annihilating it. This strategy has been increasingly visible since 1993, with the introduction of "Outcome-Based Education" (OBE) in primary and secondary schools.